Recommended Back-up Procedure for tape device

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Recommended Back-up Procedure for tape device

The correct and safest ‘Tape’ back up procedure is that you have tapes named Monday through to Friday, on Monday evening you put in Monday’s tape.  On Tuesday morning that tape (Monday’s tape) should eject and you should take this tape off your premises and keep safely.  You continue each evening by putting in that days tape, the next morning you then take the completed tape out and off the premises each evening, you continue to do the same for the whole week.  If you bring back the tapes to the office once you have taken another one home this ensures that a set of your data is always off site and safe, so if the building was to have a fire or the server got stolen or damaged then at least you do have your data all backed up on a tape at home. If you are overwriting the same tape each day you could find that if you wanted to recover some data, then this could have already been overwritten. By not putting a tape in each evening means you have not backed up that day’s work/data at all, which again means you would not be able to recover any information.  By not taking the tape off your premises then you could leave yourself open to loss of your entire data if something happened to your server.  We will not be able to recover your data if you have not followed the correct tape backup procedures. We do suggest that you have 5 tapes for Monday to Friday and 5 additional tapes which once used should be taken off the premises and then kept away for a longer period to extend your back-up data cycle.  These tapes could be a Friday for each week in that month taken off the premises. Please talk to your Account Manager about further information if needed.


Please remind your staff to always store their documents on the server to enable the work to be backed up rather than storing them on their local PC’s as any work on the local PC’s are not backed up.

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