How secure are you online?
While it’s natural to want to make our lives easier online, avoid being tempted to use the same password for multiple accounts or use a password that’s very easy to remember (ie password123).
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What is the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the European Union’s new legislation to protect the personal data of EU … Read More


Digital Nerve Centre are seeking a trainee sales person who will undertake a 6-month to 1-year trainee programme working alongside an experienced sales person that will equip them to succeed in the profitable business IT Managed Solutions. … Read More

New Business Account Manager

Digital Nerve Centre is seeking an experienced New Business Account Manager to sell its range of Solutions, Managed and Consultancy Services to SME businesses in and around London.

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The correct and safest ‘Tape’ back up procedure is that you have tapes named Monday through to Friday, on Monday evening you put in Monday’s tape.  On Tuesday morning that tape (Monday’s tape) should eject and you should take this tape off your premises and keep safely.  You continue each … Read More


A new variant of the Petya ransomware (also called Petrwrap) began spreading internationally on Tuesday, June 27.

The initial attack vector is unclear, but aggressive worm-like behavior helps spread the ransomware.

How does the Petya variant work?
The ransomware exploits the vulnerability CVE-2017-0144 in Microsoft’s implementation of the Server Message Block protocol. It … Read More

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WannaCry leveraged a vulnerability in Windows OS, first discovered by the NSA, and then publicly revealed to the world by the Shadow Brokers.

In the first few hours, 200,000 machines were infected. Big organizations such as Renault or the NHS were struck and crippled by the attack.

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As you may be aware from the news, on Friday 12th May a new Ransomware threat was released known as WannaCry. This has hit a number of high-profile organisations in 150 different countries and has been described by Europol as being unprecedented in scale.

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It has been said that “there are only two types of companies; those that have been hacked and those that will be.” (Robert S. Muller, FBI Director 2001-2013)

Cyber crime refers to computer or information technology dependent criminal … Read More